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Wander Purchase Protection is a powerful tool that provides the Personal RV Seller with ability to offer great piece of mind to their Buyer by “certifying” that their RV has been well taken care of, thoroughly inspected, and is warrantied against defaults and problems.

What is Wander Purchase Protection?

WPP provides the new buyer with a 90-day Limited Warranty.

WPP also provides a Certified RV Inspection for both the Seller’s protection and the Buyer’s expectations.

WPP allows for a faster and more secure sale of your RV.

You may review a sample warranty contract by clicking on the thumbnails below.

Sample Motorhome 90 Day Warranty
Sample Towable/Camper 90 Day Warranty

Only certain RVs qualify for the program

WPP is available for RVs up to 15 model years old and if motorized, up to 80,000 miles on the odometer.

Purchase and Implementation Procedures